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Advice Knowledge ToolsFinancial Models are formatted in Excel. They are easily downloaded after purchase. They provide business owners with the financial tools needed to properly monitor business performance. The Financial Models utilize built-in finance and accounting formulas. They can also be used to prepare financial reports when meeting with banks and investors to obtain funding.

Financial Models are ideal for the non-finance person as they require limited data input.

Customized Finance Tools
can be developed specific to your company’s needs. 

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Performance Measurements Excel Financial Model

Description: This excel financial model includes all the formulas to monitor Profitability Performance Measurements These measurements determine how profitable the company is at selling and producing, how profitable the company is after paying for overhead, and the bottom line profitability. They also monitor trends (increases and decreases) in total revenue, production cost and overhead expenses

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The Performance Measurements Excel Financial Model is explained in detail in the video, " How to Make Better Financial Decisions by using Financial Performance Measurements".  The video includes a brief overview of the Income statement, detailed description of the excel formulas used and how to read the results. Click here to see sample of the video The eBook Simple Math Calculations to Monitor Business Performance contains additional performance measurements used to monitor sales, customers and overhead. Click here to see eBook  
Financial Dashboard
Prepare for Funding: Forecast One-Year Financial Statements

Description: This model will provide you with the financial documents needed to prepare for funding. This financial model is designed specifically for the non-financial person. It requires only a few data inputs to complete one-year financial statements including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. These finance tools can be used to prepare financial reports needed to write business plans and obtain small business financing.    To Preview the Model: Click Here

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