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Business Simply Put provides affordable, high-level business information and advice. Products and services can be customized to meet specific needs.

Whether you are just getting started or been in business for awhile, the information and tools provided will help you achieve your goals.

Below is an overview of the various products and services. Click on the links below to view sample pages of eBooks, demos of Financial Models or to read more about eAdvice.

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Get Business Advice   To Buy eAdvice minutes click here

eAdvice provides small business consulting at $35 for a 15 minute call or an email correspondence. Packages $250 for two hours and $600 for five hours. eAdvice addresses business questions and concerns via email, phone or skype.

Are you questioning whether your company is really profitable? eAdvice can be used to review your company's financials and/or accounting processes. Click to learn more about eAdvice

Download Finance Tools and eBooks 

eTools includes eBooks and Financial Tools that are easy to download in PDF and Excel format. They provide small business owners with the information and resources needed to start and grow a company.

eBooks provide business advice that can be applied immediately to your company. They cover a variety of topics with step-by-step instructions. Click to learn more about eBooks

Financial Models contain all accounting formulas. They are ideal for the non-financial business owner who wants to monitor business performance or apply for funding. Click to learn more about Finance Tools

Obtain Knowledge   Learn through videos click here

offers business education through videos. Videos provide small business owners with information and education. They are ideal for entrepreneurs who need to obtain knowledge outside their area of expertise.  The videos address small business finance, a crucial component for business success. Click to learn more about Videos

Webinars and on-site training can be customized to specific needs. On-site training is available in select areas. Click here to see a list of classes offerred.

Lori WilliamsLori Williams is a well-known business consultant, speaker and writer. For over twenty years, she has functioned as a turn-around consultant and CFO for mid-sized companies.

Lori is a featured writer on Start-Up Nation and other high profile websites. Her eBooks are distributed through Amazon, ITunes and Barnes and Noble.      

As a professor in the Entrepreneurial Department at USC and Pepperdine, she shares her business expertise with young entrepreneurs.   
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eBooksFinance Tools

  Videos  | eAdvice

How to Read Financial Statements  $14.99

60 Key Essentials to Business Success   $7.99

Monitor Business Performance  $14.99

Make Better Business Decisions   $49.99

Overview of the Income Statement  $9.99

Financial Tools
Monitor the Profitability of your Business   $29.99

Prepare for Funding: 5Yr Financial Stmts $39.99

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